How To Safely and Securely Screen Undesirables Out Of Your Life

Do you sit up at night wondering who to trust in your company?

Pondering whether a lone wolf employee will unfairly target your business for their own gains?

Fret over whether the clients you have are telling the truth?

That is exactly why we created an exclusive Chicagoland social media background service for your needs. Why should they reap the rewards of your years of working long hours and sacrifices? Instead, we can provide social media screening so you can feel confident of your decisions.

Our state of the art system helps you detect what is and is not in your best interest. It is exactly the reason why, when you are having an online background search completed, you have a trusted professional do the legwork for you.

In fact, our services are geared so your company can:

•              Quickly & easily get the answers you need for employment verification & insurance claims.

•              Be in compliance with federal (FCRA and FACTA) and state law (IL Credit Privacy Act)

•              Feel assured you have all relevant information

•              Avoid any discrimination suits from checking out the information yourself. All Federal Title 7 information is excluded to protect you.

•              Invest in your company’s safety, time, and money

•              Have an impartial outsider

Instead of spending countless hours researching what someone has or has not done on Twitter or what type of weirdly constructed photos they have used for Facebook. This is exactly why we are offering until the end of April a special 25% off all research that we do for your business, so you can not only save time, but also money.

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