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Everyone has told you over and over again, how you need to create a blog for your business. Like a petulant child you resist the notion. However, you went to a conference/seminar/webinar/whatever yesterday and they expounded about how much traffic they got to their business because of their blog. 


You look at them and say, if they could do it then so can we!

“Andy is a true go-giver when it comes to putting out information on his blog…Andy is a true leader in his field. I look forward to visiting his blog each week, because it is always a learning curve for me.” Donna Merrill

So, you sit down to finally write your first blog and…nothing.

Don’t fret! You are not alone! In fact, many of my clients come to me, because they just don’t know what to say. That insane idea to write a blog is post is not crazy. However, why should you have to shoulder all the weight.

After all, when you want to do your taxes you see an accountant. Right?

The same holds true for blogging. It is a tremendous tool to build your business. However, the downside of blogging is that it takes time to grow. Therefore, you should spend your time wisely by working with a trained professional. Not to give you any hints or anything, but me! me! me!

“Smart At The Start offers a unique blend of technical expertise, personal enthusiasm, and interpersonal communication skills that serve to engage, enlighten, encourage and inspire.” Laura N Stone

Every article includes:

  • handcrafted articles for your blog, website, etc.
  • SEO friendly articles
  • Customized for conversions
  • educational articles that hit on readers pain points
  • engaging information that keeps them spell-bound
  • One proofread before completion (additional proofreads $25/each)
  • Added personality, so your customers do not think you are boring before your first meeting.

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I hired Andy to help me get my blog going and from there he helped me launch my first coaching package. He is a hard worker and has excellent ideas on how to maximize your exposure and build your list. Rae Luskin