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Social Media Background

How To Safely and Securely Screen Undesirables Out Of Your Life

Do you sit up at night wondering who to trust in your company?

Pondering whether a lone wolf employee will unfairly target your business for their own gains?

Fret over whether the clients you have are telling the truth?

That is exactly why we created an exclusive Chicagoland social media background service for your needs. Why should they reap the rewards of your years of working long hours and sacrifices? Instead, we can provide social media screening so you can feel confident of your decisions.

Our state of the art system helps you detect what is and is not in your best interest. It is exactly the reason why, when you are having an online background search completed, you have a trusted professional do the legwork for you.

In fact, our services are geared so your company can:

•              Quickly & easily get the answers you need for employment verification & insurance claims.

•              Be in compliance with federal (FCRA and FACTA) and state law (IL Credit Privacy Act)

•              Feel assured you have all relevant information

•              Avoid any discrimination suits from checking out the information yourself. All Federal Title 7 information is excluded to protect you.

•              Invest in your company’s safety, time, and money

•              Have an impartial outsider

Instead of spending countless hours researching what someone has or has not done on Twitter or what type of weirdly constructed photos they have used for Facebook. This is exactly why we are offering until the end of April a special 25% off all research that we do for your business, so you can not only save time, but also money.

Get Started Now!

Investigation Hours

We appreciate your business! If you have further questions, please call us at 847-710-7093.

Smart Content Updates

[box type=”info”] My Niece’s Boyfriend’s Cousin’s Roommate’s Son Just Set Up All These Social Networking Profiles. Now What?[/box]

I get this question at least once a week. Actually, that might be a slow week, because the fact is that the majority of business owners have an approach to social networking that is close to pin the tail on the donkey. Pin in hand and blindfolded they amble to the donkey with no clue what they are doing.

The fact is that I did not always understand how to properly use Twitter to grow my business either. For that matter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks also seemed like strange places where no REAL business took place. Every ten years I am wrong, mark this date down in your calendar. It will not come for another 10 years.

Man With A Plan!
What I did have when I started out was a plan. Actually, it was more of a daily ritual, which provided me the consistency I needed to push my social networking in the right direction. Every day I would make sure that I would post on Twitter at least twice a day. Then I copied one of my posts to Facebook. Finally, I connected LinkedIn and Twitter.

Good News! I Decided To Add You To My Daily Ritual!

Then I made an important discovery. I realized that I could help others by making them part of my rituals. That is when I decided to start writing tweets for others.

So here is the system I arranged.Have the clients tell me what they want from a proprietary 17 point system I created. Then just write tweets and updates based upon this system for maximum social networking success. Show the tweets or updates to the clients for approval. Schedule everything over the desired period of time.

[box] Smart At The Start’s intimate knowledge of how to leverage social networks has helped me to improve my presence on LinkedIn and Twitter, allowing me to concentrate on building my business while growing my network. Jack Quill, Keller Williams Gold Coast[/box]

Three years later and we are still relying upon the same essential system that has helped countless clients in the past. Here is what Smart Content Updates offers:

  • 100 Customized Posts for your business on Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter.
  • Proprietary 17 Point System
  • Tracking clicks from your posts.
  • Auto-scheduler to schedule updates in advance.
  • A proof to make sure it feels like something you want to tell people!

Now, Generally This Campaign would go for $75! However, until September 5th you get to up to the volume of your social networking with 2 free articles that we will write for you relating to your Smart Updates campaign ($60 Value FREE!)

[box type=”info”] “Our company knows the value of social media networking but acknowledge that we can’t do it well on our own. We are so happy to have found Smart at the Start. They really make us feel like we are not neglecting an important part of our marketing. He’s saved us time and money by allowing us to focus on what we do best. Thank you!” Elizabeth “Lulu” Miranda, Mercury Organizing Professionals[/box]

But there is something we have to tell you that might be troubling about Smart At The Start helping you with your campaign.

Take A Deep Breath!


Now Read the Box Below for the side effects!

[box type=”warning”] Caution! You Might Now Have Some Free Time! It is OK! Breath! We came up with some suggestions to take back your life!Deep Breathes![/box]

  • Close a client and take your kids to Disneyland with the extra money
  • Hit your sales goals, so you can buy a Porsche
  • Travel to Paris! London! Cairo! Rio! New York! Tokyo! Istanbul!
  • Shop! Men avert your eyes! The credit cards might come out.
  • Take a nap! I do not know about you, but it is about 10:56 at night and I am a bit sleepy.
While You Relax, We Focus On Getting Your Message Across

Consistency is the key to any business. Through our Smart Content Updates campaign you now can keep your customers updated on a daily basis with little effort from you. It is like we get inside your head, bouncing around until we are able to convey the message your clients always wanted to hear to move forward.
[box type=”info”] “Andrew has that rare ability as an entrepreneur to approach practical problems with equal parts creative imagination and rigorous analysis. Dom Debellis, Debellis Communications[/box]

Here’s how to get started today using our 3 step program to success.

First the easy part is to click on the buy button below.

Second, fill out the Social Networking Success form as completely as possible, so we can create relevant updates for your network. If you do not know an answer skip it. Then send it in.

Third, approve the proof we send you, so we can schedule it in your account.

Again, the Smart At The Start Updates Campaign includes:

  • 100 Customized Posts for your business on Facebook and/or Twitter.
  • 17 Point System for social networking success
  • We can track how many people went to your website from our posts.
  • Auto-scheduler to schedule updates in advance.
  • A proof to make sure we got it right!

So what would you expect to pay for a program like this?Most social networking companies would charge you over $500 for a campaign like this.For only $75, we offer you the ability to spread your message to your target market.In other words, for only .75 cents per post or the cost of a snicker bar a day, you can be spreading your message to your target market!

**By clicking above you understood the terms and conditions.

However, that is not all!

Until September 5th you also receive 2 free articles that we will write for you relating to your Smart Updates campaign ($60 Value FREE!)


Andy Nathan

We really appreciate your ability to see the possibilities that social networking has for businesses.

Smart Business Pages

Do you need more clients? What about a professional portfolio to succeed on Facebook? Maybe you want to stand out to stand out among 900 million Facebook friends? Facebook gives you the ability to create a personalized Fan Page for:
• Businesses
• Creatives
• Non-Profits
The biggest question is which type of Fan page is right for you?


1. Get yourself found
2. Increase conversion by standing out and being different
3. Get more fans from a professional look, which could lead to more clients.


1. A portfolio to show prospects online what you have accomplished.
2. Helps to increase conversion to fans to your page talking about your work.
3. Allows you to express yourself on Facebook with your own personality.


1. Build a community
2. Add awareness to your cause
3. Provide supportive members a way to sign up for your cause.
Whether you run your own business, are a salesperson looking to create their own brand online, or are an actor, model, or artist looking to showcase their work this custom fan page is for you.
Here’s what you get:
• Custom Facebook page with 2 pictures
• Bio demonstrating your experience and skills
• An email capture form, RSS feed, and contact information
This is your chance to put your own spin on Facebook of what you do, and why your prospects should use your services in an impactful way.

By clicking above you agree to the terms and conditions
Now, generally a custom Facebook Fan Page goes for $150 plus $50 for Facebook hosting. 
However, for new fan pages we are including one year of hosting with this as well, for an additional $50 off the current price!
Andy Nathan

Smart Connections

[features_box_paper_white width=”75%” + border=”2px”]Do you enjoy the occasional 10 hour binge to find great LinkedIn connections?[/features_box_paper_white] 
Maybe you went into business, so you could stay up late into the night following people on Twitter and then waking up early in the morning to connect with professionals on LinkedIn?
Perhaps, you wanted to actually build a business, so you could spend more time with your family or just taking part in the activities in life that excite you. As a business owner, we owe it to ourselves to create a better life for our family and ourselves.
That is why we came up with Smart Connections. You get to tell everyone how smart you are, as we gladly search through LinkedIn finding the most compatible connections for your business.
We have been in your shoes. Over the past four years, we have manually added thousands of LinkedIn connections for clients and ourselves.
As we studied the almost ancient art of LinkedIn connections others started to ask us for help building a professional network on this site.
[features_box_paper_white width=”75%” + border=”2px”]Two thumbs up for Andy Nathan! Andy has opened my eyes to the benefits of social networking. Andy helped me reach out to more professionals on Linkedin, enabling us with a solid increase in business potential. Marty Perlow, PS Communication Group[/features_box_paper_white]
LinkedIn is a terrific spot to connect with referral partners, as we build more and more relationships there every week.

Plus, because we want to make sure that you are able to successfully develop relationships through social networking this campaign will enable you to:
  • Find your ideal prospects and referral partners
  • Win the sales numbers game with less effort
  • Connect with your dream prospect
How do we do this? In the past, our clients have generally found that when we connect them with 200 prospects and referral partners 100 or more connections will connect back to them.
Even better, you will have 10-20 prospects contact you back from our initial message to them. Out of those 10-20 prospects, we have seen some clients close up to seven deals from one campaign.
We can do this, because we base everything on your target market from the information you provide. Using your knowledge of your ideal prospects we connect with them on LinkedIn.
**By clicking above you have understood the terms and conditions below.
Start making connections today for only $300.

[features_box_paper_white width=”75%” + border=”2px”]Prior to working with Andy, I had a decent sized network on LinkedIn, but with his help, I have grown my list of contacts by nearly 20%. And, while I had an account on Twitter, I had never tweeted and was not getting any benefit. Andy has created an active Twitter account for me and I have added several hundred followers. Jack Quill, Keller Williams[/features_box_paper_white]

The possibilities are endless with the right campaign! Let us take the stress off of your social networking shoulders today!
Andy Nathan

P.S. However, for those who dare to dream! That is not all! Being successful is not about standing at the top of the hill by yourself! Therefore, every person you refer to Smart At The Start that uses our service we will give you a free 60 minute strategy session for you and the person you referred. ($125 Value!)

Social Networking Starter

 Warning: Using Social Networking May Lead To Increased Sales!

You just set up your dream business.

Legal filings      social networking check mark
Business Plan   social networking check mark
Business Cards social networking check mark
Marketing Plan. Marketing Plan.

Where is the marketing plan?

The fact is that starting up a new business is easier today than it has been at any other time in our nation. The challenge with that is there is more competition than ever and less avenues to connect with prospects.

The government has a Do Not Call that has hundreds of millions of names with people that you are not allowed to call. Television and Radio Ads are prohibitively expensive. Targeted mail campaigns start with the cost of a $.44 per mailer stamp. At least you can still advertise in newspapers until they all go out of existence.

According to the Small Business Association, 2/3 of all business do not survive past two years. The facts are sobering for budding entrepreneurs that a few missteps could lead their dreams astray. That is why having the right game plan from the beginning is crucial.

I have been working with Andy Nathan and Smart At The Start for social networking strategy for Send Out Cards Business. He has been really interested in finding out about the business in order to make sure that they are appropriate and something that people will respond to when they are on the various social media platforms. Nancy Perlman, Send Out Cards

At Smart At The Start we created the social networking starter campaign for this very reason. We want to make you part of the 1/3 of surviving businesses.
That is why we created our services to provide you with Social Networking Stress Relief!
Bringing our expertise and experience we will easily create for you a social networking platform that will bring together your ideas and help you build your business through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social networks.

Additionally, the ability to have a professional to setup your social networking strategy will save you time, so you can connect with your prospects. You NO longer need to spend hours setting up profiles, designing social networking backgrounds, and figuring out how to use maneuver around new social networks. You only need to make contact with your prospects online after everything is set up for you.

We believe your time is better spent with clients, not trolling through Facebook.

That is why the Social Networking Starter campaign minimizes your social networking effort, while yielding the greatest results with your time. The Starter Package offers:
  • Profile setups on over 35 social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Youtube:
  • Custom Twitter and Youtube background
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Quick Turnaround

Set Up Your Social Network
We hired Smart At The Start to help us with our social networking. Not sure where to start. Twitter, blogging, Facebook,Linkedin, where do you? Where do you start? SATS did it at a price that was affordable to us. Right after he finished adding us to 30 sites where Sats was going to start posting and updating I got two phone calls, and like to see results for what I am purchasing. To see those type of immediate results is just amazing. Alexandra Eidenberg, The Insurance People
Now you can easily create a comprehensive brand online with the Smart At The Start Network Success package. Additionally, We make it easy to do by just signing up now and filling out the Starter Success Form to help us tailor a social networking package to fit your needs and goals. You deserve to get started today in social networking for only $250.

But wait there is more!

Set Up Your Social Network
*By clicking above you have understood the terms and conditions.
P.S. For those who act now we will throw in our WordPress Video Tutorial Series with over 4 hours of useful tips and strategies to promote your blog. (Valued at $47) along with our 30 Minute Businesses package including ebook, audio transcription, and video series designed to help you start a new business in 30 minutes (Valued at $47).