Smart Business Page

Do you need more clients? What about a professional portfolio to succeed on Facebook? Maybe you want to stand out to stand out among 700 million Facebook friends? Facebook gives you the ability to create a personalized Fan Page for:
• Businesses
• Creatives
• Non-Profits
The biggest question is which type of Fan page is right for you?


1. Get yourself found
2. Increase conversion by standing out and being different
3. Get more fans from a professional look, which could lead to more clients.


1. A portfolio to show prospects online what you have accomplished.
2. Helps to increase conversion to fans to your page talking about your work.
3. Allows you to express yourself on Facebook with your own personality.


1. Build a community
2. Add awareness to your cause
3. Provide supportive members a way to sign up for your cause.
Whether you run your own business, are a salesperson looking to create their own brand online, or are an actor, model, or artist looking to showcase their work this custom fan page is for you.
Here’s what you get:
• Custom Facebook page with 2 pictures
• Bio demonstrating your experience and skills
• An email capture form, RSS feed, and contact information
This is your chance to put your own spin on Facebook of what you do, and why your prospects should use your services in an impactful way. All for the one time price of $150.

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Also, we are including one year of hosting with this as well, for an additional $50 off the current price!
Andy Nathan
P.S. However, for those who dare to dream! That is not all! Being successful is not about standing at the top of the hill by yourself! That is why we are also offering you the ability to get a social networking strategy to utilize your social networking to the utmost. For every person you refer to Smart At The Start that uses our service we will give you a free 30 minute strategy session for you and the person you referred. ($125 Value! Limit 2 per person!)