You Like Staring At A Blank Screen, Right?

You stare proudly at your new blog. Everything is in place. The mail form exactly where it is supposed to be. The call to action is ready and primed for clients. Now you just need to write about how people could benefit from your ideas.
What Should I Write About?

They are coming you swear to yourself. A fifteen minute break to get your creative writing juices flowing. Maybe I can return to it tomorrow with fresh eyes.

The next morning the blog still only has the “Hello World” post, and with sadly return to your computer to get the ball rolling.

So, you sit down to finally write your first blog and…nothing.

Fear not! Your sanity may remain in place with articles produced that entice visitors…and more importantly return with prospects interested in your wares.

Instead of writing all of your articles for your blog, you can shelf the insanity, and have our blog writers create great content for your business. That is why we not only help you set up your article campaign. Instead, we are providing you with the instant pain medication to your writer’s block!

We invite you to find the nicest desk in your office/Starbucks/beach hammock, and put your feet up to realize your victory.

Stretch out and relax. Enjoy the pure feeling of being the master of many as you envision an army of writers producing awesome content for your blog, then your email campaigns, and finally full out newsletters reaching around the globe, so people know of your services and benefits.

Then a thought occurs to you in your moment of glory. What will these articles do for my business? A little hint of panic re-emerges. A smidgeon of remorse?

The wheels slowly rolling around as you realize the reason why you wanted to first have a blog.

You want the additional authority of being a writer.

You want the traffic that comes from article writing online.

You want quality visitors that Pay Per Click campaigns do not provide.

“Smart At The Start offers a unique blend of technical expertise, personal enthusiasm, and interpersonal communication skills that serve to engage, enlighten, encourage and inspire.” Laura N Stone

Reassured of your wisdom you decide to put your feet back on that desk, as you envision a vacation to the tropics sometime in your near future. Heck! Why not? You are working smart. You deserve it!

In the meantime, We will provide the final touches your articles need. To a science we have manged your stress with our exclusive article campaign.

  • Handcrafted 600-1000 word articles for your blog, website, etc.
  • SEO friendly articles
  • One proofread before completion (additional proofreads $25/each)

Our blog writers are ready to help extend your brand today. Sign up below and we will send you the Write Smart Form for us to customize your content to your needs.

The time has come to get the word out on your wares before you wear yourself out. The world simply can not wait any longer to learn about your mission. Looking forward to helping you reach those goals. Contact us to get your articles written. 

Andy Nathan