Warning: Using Social Networking May Lead To Increased Sales!

You just set up your dream business.

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Marketing Plan. Marketing Plan.

Where is the marketing plan?

The fact is that starting up a new business is easier today than it has been at any other time in our nation. The challenge with that is there is more competition than ever and less avenues to connect with prospects.

The government has a Do Not Call that has hundreds of millions of names with people that you are not allowed to call. Television and Radio Ads are prohibitively expensive. Targeted mail campaigns start with the cost of a $.44 per mailer stamp. At least you can still advertise in newspapers until they all go out of existence.

According to the Small Business Association, 2/3 of all business do not survive past two years. The facts are sobering for budding entrepreneurs that a few missteps could lead their dreams astray. That is why having the right game plan from the beginning is crucial.

I have been working with Andy Nathan and Smart At The Start for social networking strategy for Send Out Cards Business. He has been really interested in finding out about the business in order to make sure that they are appropriate and something that people will respond to when they are on the various social media platforms. Nancy Perlman, Send Out Cards

At Smart At The Start we created the social networking starter campaign for this very reason. We want to make you part of the 1/3 of surviving businesses.
That is why we created our services to provide you with Social Networking Stress Relief!
Bringing our expertise and experience we will easily create for you a social networking platform that will bring together your ideas and help you build your business through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social networks.

Additionally, the ability to have a professional to setup your social networking strategy will save you time, so you can connect with your prospects. You NO longer need to spend hours setting up profiles, designing social networking backgrounds, and figuring out how to use maneuver around new social networks. You only need to make contact with your prospects online after everything is set up for you.

We believe your time is better spent with clients, not trolling through Facebook.

That is why the Social Networking Starter campaign minimizes your social networking effort, while yielding the greatest results with your time. The Starter Package offers:
  • Profile setups on over 35 social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Youtube:
  • Custom Twitter and Youtube background
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Quick Turnaround

Set Up Your Social Network
We hired Smart At The Start to help us with our social networking. Not sure where to start. Twitter, blogging, Facebook,Linkedin, where do you? Where do you start? SATS did it at a price that was affordable to us. Right after he finished adding us to 30 sites where Sats was going to start posting and updating I got two phone calls, and like to see results for what I am purchasing. To see those type of immediate results is just amazing. Alexandra Eidenberg, The Insurance People
Now you can easily create a comprehensive brand online with the Smart At The Start Network Success package. Additionally, We make it easy to do by just signing up now and filling out the Starter Success Form to help us tailor a social networking package to fit your needs and goals. You deserve to get started today in social networking for only $250.

But wait there is more!

Set Up Your Social Network
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P.S. For those who act now we will throw in our WordPress Video Tutorial Series with over 4 hours of useful tips and strategies to promote your blog. (Valued at $47) along with our 30 Minute Businesses package including ebook, audio transcription, and video series designed to help you start a new business in 30 minutes (Valued at $47).

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