Are You Ready To Make Your Dream A Reality?
Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night after a dream. Something greater than you possibly imagined just happened and in that moment you have the glimmer of a better business. Just as one dream ends you feel the beginning of your greatest adventure.
You have that urgent, can not wait, must have, must see belief that turns that dream into a reality. That is where we come in. We want to be at the place where your dreams start to turn into reality. Tell everyone that we knew you when. Spin yarns and tell tales of how we created your first website or blog. Had a small part in your legend.
That is why we have created the Start A Site campaign. We want to be there at the beginning as we help make your dream a reality.
In order to do this we know that following items must occur for your dream to become reality. First, you need a site that not only is easy to create, but also easy to use. What is the point of having a static site that does little more than wither away like your dreams. Second, you need to make sure that you can create a site that attracts attention to your business. What is the point of having a site sit there in the middle of nowhereseville internet land.
To do this we will help you by getting your blog up and running.
We understand that having a blog is not just a bits of code and graphics thrown together to look pretty. Instead, this is the center of your new identity as an authority on your chosen topic!
It is the place that eager prospects will look at you with admiration as they become clients. Well maybe not eager prospects initially, but they will be after staring in awe at your awesome blog, which provides them with a wealth of information.
So, now you want to actually know what will you be doing to get my blog up and running.
We will provide you with the following:
  • Custom WordPress Blog Theme
  • Includes Your Logo And Two additional photos
  • Search Engine Optimization Features to help your blog get found
  • Mailchimp or Aweber Sign Up Form
  • Comment Spam Protection
  • WordPress Database Backup
  • Analytics and Sitemap
More importantly, however, we will provide you with the peace of mind that your dream can now become a reality.
With this in mind, your next thoughts are probably drifting in the direction of when can I get started? How much is it to turn my dream to life? What is needed to maintain a blog? How will this help me achieve my goals?
Get a WordPress blog set up for only $600

If that were all we offer than that would be awesome. However, there is more.

First, we will write your first blog post to get you a jump start to your blogging efforts. ($40 Value)

Second, we will give you a copy of our WordPress Video Tutorial covering everything from getting started to building your traffic and monetizing your WordPress blog. ($47 Value)

Now, you might be asking why would we do this. You already offer an amazing value for your blog set up alone. Why give more? Well the fact is that we know what is like to dare to dream, because that is our vision every day.

We want to give others the same chance. Otherwise, we would not feel right. So, we invite you to dare to act on your dream and join us make it a reality.
Thanks for your patronage! We look forward to helping you turn your dream into a reality.
P.S.This is the former Start A Blog campaign.

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