Who Else Wants To Have Their Website Live In Internet Obscurity?
Everyone told you to be a business professional you need to have a website. So, you did it. Then the “experts” mentioned that your business card would not look professional without the site listed. So, you did that as well. You submitted your site to Google just like that article told you to do. The question then has to be.
“Why in the world are the only 5 site visits from my mom, Nigeria and Indonesia?”

The idea of “build it and they will come” is obsolete. The facts are that there according to Whois there are over 131 million top level domains (.com, .net, .info, etc) on the internet today. Unless, you are creating a new niche you need to have a way to get interested readers to your site who will want to buy your goodies.
Ten years ago there were only 31 million sites online. A fraction of those were active. it was possible to set up a site and have traffic come pouring in. However, today you need to have more than a hope and prayer if you want to make sure your website investment is successful.
If you believe you deserve more than a lucky glance from someone in Indonesia then we can help you do this with ease. Our team of SEO experts have spent hundreds of hours testing out the best strategies to boost your traffic as we determine the best strategy for you.
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First MonthDirectory submission, plus Google Analytics and Webmaster set up. 2 hr. keyword research
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Now this is the part where you roll your eyes, wait for the contact us now form, so some sales person can sell you on a product that costs thousands of dollars every month.
Well, I am glad to tell you we ditched the sales people, got rid of the phone line, and just spend our money on making sure we get you the best results possible. That is why we are able to keep our costs for you down to only $400 to get started and $250 per month.

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You deserve traffic from Google, Yahoo, and Bing to increase the number of qualified prospects coming in the door.
So, answer the question of who wants to live in internet obscurity by saying, “Not Me!”
Andy Nathan
P.S. What is the point of having an internet presence if you talk to yourself? That is why we also want to help you even further. For those who sign up by September 25th we will give you a free copy of our WordPress Video Tutorial (Valued at $47).

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