Digital Marketing Training Course

4 Week Webinar Training Plus A Follow Up 1-1 Q&A Session

Have you ever walked away from a conversation with a digital marketing agency with your head spinning and no idea of what they proposed?

They mentioned terms you they must have made up just to make you feel inadequate and pay their $5,000 per month agency plan. As if by not knowing how to access your control panel or use deep linking for your search engine optimization strategy your entire digital marketing campaign would tank. It made you feel that digital marketing was just a bunch of made up words that the insiders need to know to feel smart! Online_social_media_options What if there was a way you could learn how to market your business online by yourself without the fancy digital marketing agencies prices and terms? After all, who wants to spend more money on something you could profitably do yourself while speaking to your clients in a language that makes sense?

“Andy Nathan’s Digital Marketing Training Course is an excellent start to mastering digital marketing. I took it in April and it taught me a lot about the most effective programs, apps and websites to use for promoting your business. I particularly needed help understanding WordPress and how to advertise using Facebook, but he gave expert advice on those things plus a LOT more. I’m excited about my new marketing knowledge!” Regina Rodriguez-Martin, Welcome Dialogue

And that is why we created the Digital Marketing Training Course.

Most small business owners just need the resources to get started. That is why we take you from start to finish over the course of 4 weeks on how to build your presence online. This course provides with the tools and knowledge to independently market your business successfully! Our 4 week class focuses on:

  • Figuring out a digital marketing plan that works for your business
  • Identifying your ideal clients online
  • Setting up your WordPress Site
  • Creating your Social Media Profiles
  • Discovering your target markets online hangouts
  • Finding raving fans on social networks
  • Developing traffic strategies to your website
  • Increasing the number of email sign ups to your list
  • Converting your list and traffic into clients
Andy took my company from literally snooze to clients who appreciated my professionalism with 7 listings plus a management position. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to increase sales & build their profits.Bernard Small, Creative Apartment Rentals

You are too smart to be fooled by some digital marketing agency flaunting jargon at you. However, if you really want to beat them at their own game (and find new clients), then you need to educate yourself. Our class provides you with the essentials you need to grow your business.

Here is what our course includes:

  • Live Webinar Classes: 4 classes (6 hours)
  • One-One Training: 1 hour
  • Skill Levels: All Levels
  • Includes: Video Recordings from 4 classes
  • Access to attend future Smart At The Start Digital Marketing Training Sessions in the future
I hired Andy to help me get my blog going and from there he has helped me launch my first coaching package. He is a hard worker and has excellent ideas how to maximize your exposure and build your list. He is enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with. -Rae Luskin, RaeLuskin.Net 
” Andy Nathan’s Digital Marketing class was a great learning experience.  He has knowledge of all the technical parts of marketing – facebook, linkedin, wordpress, instagram, website design, as well as ways to reach out and find potential customers to connect with.  He takes his time in explaining the basics, as well as listing resources and advanced techniques to expand your marketing reach.  I strongly recommend the class for someone trying to get a grasp on all the various digital tools out there, and how to use them efficiently.” Frank Michalski, Northlight Architects 

If you are ready to take control of your digital marketing efforts, then feel free leverage the tens of thousands of hours I spent mastering the craft. The fact that you are ready to bravely market your business online is great.

Now focus on how you can be rewarded from your efforts? Take control of your online marketing efforts by registering today. You can click either the button below or the one at the top to get started today!

P.S. Brush up on your skills whenever we have our next class. Sign up today, and you receive free access to future classes.

Course Cost: $297

Course Dates: June 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29th

Time: 12-1:30 CST (bring your lunch)

Where: Webinar

Live Classes: 5 classes (7.5 hours)

One-One Training: 45 minutes after the course to get you questions answered! 

Skill Levels: All Levels

Includes: Video Recordings from 5 classes


Access to attend future Smart At The Start Digital Marketing Training Sessions


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